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Who are our clients

National Capital Punishment Units

Medical Laboratories

Local Research Centers

Veterinary technicians

Ill or Depressed Individuals

Pet Owners

There are a few sectors related to health that are often difficult to talk about and finding experts to share opinions with is usually complicated.

Despite the increase in our clients over the years, we have observed that people turn to love our reliability, professionalism and absolute confidentiality in dealing with our customers on a case by case basis.

Where can you buy a painless lethal injection, where can you purchase a fast and painless sleeping pill are some of the top questions that our clients ask us.

Even when they get to know some places which supply these products, the question of reliability, price, and confidentiality becomes the main issues of concern to everyone.

Why Everyone relies on Painless Path.

We have built a huge reputation over the years in supplying Nembutal (Sodium Pentobarbital), the barbiturate of choice for fast and painless euthanasia of animals and humans. We ship it discretely worldwide and answer all customer questions and also providing information on dosage. Our products come in different forms including powder, pills, and liquid. There is total confidentiality and fast delivery is guaranteed or returns and reimbursements though in rare cases.

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Euthanasia.... is simply to be able to die with dignity at a moment when life is devoid of it

- Marya Mannes