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Health care should help relieve pain and suffering. This is also what drives people who support euthanasia or assisted suicide. The topic “top pills for euthanasia” has brought so many heated debates on social media as well as mainstream media. Some suggest that these pills should be made illegal while others are pro-euthanasia.

Currently, Nembutal is the chose drug for euthanasia in nations where euthanasia is legal which makes it the top method that people use to end their lives in other nations. Since it is highly effective, its production and use is tightly regulated so it is very hard to obtain this drug legally or even illegally. Because of this, people have resorted to less effective drugs.

Some of Nembutal human uses that have been approved by the FDA include seizures and sedation before major surgeries. It is also used as an anesthetic in animals and for euthanasia.

You can obtain Nembutal in powder or liquid form. However, it is hard to obtain Nembutal from any place in the United States, Europe, and Canada. However, if you read the Peaceful Pill Handbook you will find a section that helps you obtain Nembutal anywhere in the world. Nitschke explains how you can buy Nembutal from Peru, Mexico, Thailand, and Bolivia.

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Drugs used in euthanasia

Barbiturates are the most common when it comes to this.  They work by suppressing the activity of the central nervous system and the brain. When used in small doses, barbiturates can be used to treat seizures or insomnia.

Overdosing on barbiturates can be fatal. When you take barbiturates in large doses, it will slow your brain until it stops communicating to your respiratory system and breathing stops.

Both pentobarbital and secobarbital pills have been utilized either together or alone in euthanasia or doctor-assisted suicide. These two are tested and proven. What’s better is their many years of use have helped establish the exact dose needed to cause death.

Their efficacy and safety in causing a swift, peaceful and sudden death have been proven globally. They are the preferred methods in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and some states in the United States where assisted suicide is legal.

There are other options that exist but there is not enough evidence. Drugs that cause excess respiratory distress and muscle relaxation can cause death while some sleeping pills and pain killers can result to death as well.

Pills that are used to lower severely low blood sugar levels, those that can block messages from the brain, or cause heart attack can also cause death.

Although these drugs are easily available, the death could be long and painful and can lead to many severe side effects before you die. Nembutal and the related drugs are not likely to do that

So how do you take pills for euthanasia?

As we have established, barbiturates pills are the best when it comes to committing suicide. But how do you take them to ensure that death is a guarantee? First, you have to ensure the pill is quality and contains the lethal dose of Nembutal or any other barbiturates. Note that the lethal dose differs from one person to another. For instance, a strong, young and energetic person will require a higher dose compared to an elderly frail person.

When taking suicide pills, it is advisable to take them with antiemetic drugs to avoid vomiting them out. The place you are buying should provide them to you. Additionally, alcohol speeds up the activity of barbiturates so you can take them with alcohol.

Other effective pills for suicide

  • Phenobarbital – phenobarbital pills have been cited to be extremely lethal. However, they can take a few hours to cause death. They are better combined with other drugs.
  • Potassium cyanide pills – cyanide is a very poisonous substance. Its history in suicide goes many years back. During the 2nd world war, Nazi soldiers would carry them and swallow in case they were captured by an enemy to avoid giving away secrets. They work by preventing oxygen from circulating to your cells. Vital organs will then stop functioning and you will collapse and die.
  • Propoxyphene pills – some studies suggest that this drug can cause death if taken in excess.
  • Amitriptyline –a tricyclic anti-depressant drug which can be a severe suicide pill if taken together with sleeping pills. You need to take antiemetic medicines with it since it is very bitter. You can also try putting it in a capsule container. The recommended lethal dose of this method differs from one person to another. Nitschke recommends 5 grams while some people recommend more than 8 grams depending on your wealth and weight. You can make a cocktail using other anti-depressants. Note that death with this method can be up to a day which is not quick enough. However, death is said to be painless.

Is it easy to obtain suicide pills?

Mostly it depends on the nation you are in. for example, euthanasia is legal in Switzerland so you can easily get a health practitioner to administer the drug to you if you are suffering from chronic illness such as cancer. However, in most nations including the United States, suicide pills are illegal. They attract long jail terms and hefty fines if you are caught selling and buying them. If you are planning to purchase these pills, you need to be extremely careful and avoid getting yourself into trouble.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons that make a pill appear among the top pills for euthanasia. One is definitely its lethality and efficacy. For instance, the Nembutal pill is one of the most lethal drugs when it comes to causing a quick and peaceful death. It is by no surprise that it is a top pick for many experts.

It is worth noting that although the other pills mentioned in this article will kill you, they might not be as effective as Nembutal in terms of lethality and efficacy.

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