Sleeping pills that can kill
Sleeping pills that can kill
October 9, 2019
Depression and suicide tendencies - Euthanasia pills
Depression and suicide
October 9, 2019

Suicide injection medications

Suicide injection medications

There are many suicide methods out there. Try and Google “suicide methods”, you will find hundreds of articles discussing the most lethal, the most effective, and the cheapest methods you can find. Some you have never ever heard of. However, suicide injection medications are a very common way that people end their life. Continue reading to find more about these drugs.

What is suicide?

Suicide is a very sensitive topic that not many people are ready to talk about. It is the process of ending your own life. Despite people not wanting to talk about it, it’s real and suicide rates keep rising each day. In fact, there is a huge possibility that you know a family member, friend, coworker or classmate who has committed or attempted suicide.  Just to show you how scary suicide statistics are; in Canada, around 3500 Canadians commit suicide each year. These deaths are more than people who lose their lives in homicide and traffic accidents combined.

Some quick suicide facts

  • In BC, around 500 people commit suicide annually. This equates to more than one death each day.
  • In the last 4.5 decades, the rates of suicide have skyrocketed by 60% globally. Suicide is now among the top 3 death causes among people aged 15-44 years (both male and female). It is worth noting that these figures exclude attempted suicides that occur 20 times more than successful suicides.
  • The stigma attached to suicide and the possibility of suicide deaths being referred to as “accidents” yet they are suicides has led to an underestimation of the real figure. The number of suicides that happen every year might be higher.

Some examples of suicide injection medications

There are several drugs that can be used for suicide and administered via injections. Below are some of them:

  • Nembutal – when you talk about euthanasia or suicide, Nembutal is always the first drug that most people think of. It is a very effective, lethal drug that guarantees quick, peaceful and calm death. As a barbiturate, the drug works by suppressing the CNS and brain activity. Although the pill form is the most common form that people take Nembutal, it also comes in liquid form which you can inject to cause a peaceful death. Nembutal has proven to be the number one suicide method among most euthanasia experts. Its track record is great with zero failed suicide attempts when done in a supervised medical facility.
  • Potassium cyanide – this is one of the most lethal drugs available for suicide. In fact, its history dates back to many years ago. During World War 2, Nazi soldiers would carry cyanide to the battle field with the aim of committing suicide in case they were captured by the enemy. They used cyanide to kill themselves so they can avoid torture or giving away war secrets to the enemy. In liquid form, you can inject this compound to the body to commit suicide.
  • Seconal which is a brand name for Secobarbital is another suicide injection drug that has proved to be lethal.

Is it safe using suicide injection medications?

Most suicide injection drugs are extremely lethal and will deliver a quick and painless death when injected into the body. However, the main challenge is finding a health professional who will administer the lethal dose of these medications. Since most of them are illegal, most people mostly opt to do it by themselves. It is worth noting that administering a drug such Nembutal via injection when you are not an experienced involves a lot of risks. Many things can go wrong during the process.

First, measuring the correct dose in a syringe can be a problem to amateurs. Remember the goal here is to die so wrong measurements can result to a failed suicide attempt. In addition to that, you have to ensure that you are injecting the drug properly in the vein. Missing the vein sends the needle to a muscle which will cause severe damages to your muscle tissues. At times, the damage is too much and doctors are left with no choice but to remove that part entirely. Additionally, because of shaking or movement because of pain, the vein might break and the drug will pour to other parts which can cause devastating effects as well.

It is advisable that if you do not get assistance from an experienced physician, avoid this method completely. However, when done under supervision of an experienced doctor, this process is quick and painless.

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How much will you pay for suicide injection drugs?

The cost of any drug especially barbiturates vary depending on the availability and type as well as form of delivery. For instance, you will pay more if your package contains extra drugs to be taken with the lethal dose. However, prices keep changing as availability and demand changes.  For instance, the same amount of pentobarbital liquid that used to be sold for around $500 now costs around $15000-$25000.  Some factors that lead to price increase are the tight laws introduced to curb use of barbiturates in suicide. This created a scarcity thus raising demand and prices since fewer vendors are willing to risk long jail terms and hefty fines to sell you suicide drugs.

How many people use euthanasia services in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the few countries where assisted suicide is legal. According to national statistics, 187 people ended their life with assisted suicide. In 2015, the figure rose to 956 (426 men and 539 women).

Reports suggest that there is a rising trend in the number of people seeking assisted suicide.

Where can you buy suicide injection medications?

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Final thoughts

If you are planning to end your life using suicide injection medications, it is important to ensure you know how to do it, the correct dosage and other safety measures or you risk a failed suicide attempt. A failed suicide attempt brings so much misery both to the survivor and family in general.