Suicide injection medications
Suicide injection medications
October 9, 2019
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October 9, 2019

Depression and suicide

Depression and suicide tendencies - Euthanasia pills

It is almost impossible to mention suicide without mentioning depression. According to studies, depression is the leading cause of suicide.  Because of this, depression and suicide are like conjoined twins. Continue reading and learn more about the two.

Depression is classified as mood condition. It has a variety of symptoms that affect someone occupationally, socially, interpersonally, educationally, etc. So how do you become depressed? Basically, your brain nerves so not touch each other. They instead pass message to each other using chemicals known as neurotransmitters. You only need the correct amount of neurotransmitters between your nerves to pass the exact same information to the next nerve. When you lack enough chemical, the message is distorted which can cause depression or a depressive condition. In depressive illnesses the transmitters go out of balance frequently.

A depressed person sometimes experiences very different thoughts before a depressive episode and after the episode. Because of this, a chemical imbalance occurs which can make a person not understand which options he or she has to help them reduce their pain. Most people suffering from depression have said that it’s like they lose the ability to vision a bright future or remember any happy moments in their past. Most of the times, they fail to release their disease can be treated. Finding help never crosses their mind.  Physical and emotional pain starts overwhelming them. They do not desire to die but they feel like it’s the only way they can end their pain. It is worth noting that no one chooses to be depressed. It is an involuntary condition that can be treated and managed.

How do you know you are depressed?

Depression and depressive conditions can be diagnosed and treated by a professional doctor or a mental health expert like a social worker, a psychologist or a psychotherapist. Knowing and understanding the signs and symptoms of depression can help the professionals treat depression better.

Signs and symptoms and how to intervene if you think your loved one is contemplating suicide

Opening up about suicide can be a hard thing to do. However, the more open people are with friends and family about suicidal thoughts, the more likely a solution will be found. Most people assume they can just out a new idea after someone confesses to have suicidal thoughts. However, this is untrue. Professionals recommend you find facts by asking important questions in an effort to help a depressed person. The actions and words of someone who is contemplating suicide can provide clues that they are in danger of harming themselves.

People get suicidal when life’s challenges overwhelm them. They do not see hope in future and suicide might seem like the only way

Factors that increase the risk of suicidal thoughts

  • Easy access guns
  • A history of drug abuse
  • Challenging life situations
  • A history of mental disease
  • Isolation from others
  • Chronic or terminal illness
  • History of sexual or physical abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts in the past

Note that the more the signs, the high the possibility of suicide. Although mentioning about death and dying is a critical sign, you can notice many more signs to show risk. They are verbal, emotional and behavioral clues.

  • Emotional signs are showing disinterest in hobbies, feeling depressed, anger, shame, irritability, anxiety and mood swings.
  • Verbal signs include talking about suicide, feeling like a burned, their life failing a purpose, and feeling stuck,
  • Behavioral signs are reckless driving, lack of communication, increased aggressiveness, gifting people valued possessions, staying away from people, abusing drugs and researching about suicide methods.

Most people are at a bigger risk because they don’t seek help for depression. If you are an adult an you are showing the above signs, you need to see a mental health professional

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Warning signs for children

Even kids are at risk of suicide and they can show some warning signs. Talking about wanting to dies and suicide needs to be taken seriously. Kids might contemplate suicide if they:

  • Abuse drugs
  • Are being bullied
  • Lost someone close
  • Have a history of sexual abuse or mental illness
  • Are uncertain of their sexual orientation

Which role can you play?

If you notice a loved is showing signs discussed above, it is not too late to help. Ensure if you find out whether they are contemplating suicide. You can ask them the help they need. You can help them schedule a meeting with a therapist or contact a mental health professional.  Note that suicide can be prevented if the right measures are taken.

Common questions and answers about depression and suicide

  1. Can someone contemplating suicide hide depression

Sometimes it’s possible. However, signs and symptoms of depression are easily noticeable. Depressed people find it hard to notice the signs they are showing so its upon us to help them find help. Note that depressed people or those who are suicidal can pretend to be happy which can be confusing. However , since the signs are many, you are likely to notice at least one and help them find help.

  1. What is the link between suicide and depression?

According to studies, there is a strong link between the two. 90% of people who commit suicide have suffered from depression.

  1. Why is it hard for people to talk about depression and suicide?

Lack of understanding and stigma are the main reasons. Depressed people fear other people will think they are weak or crazy. However, cultural norms are changing an people are becoming more comfortable and open to talking about mental illness.

Final words

Stigma associated with depression and suicide is a serious issue that we need to address as a planet. Stigma can be a major setback to helping people suffering from depression get help. As an individual, you can play a crucial role in talking to your loved ones who exhibit signs of depression and help them find help. Be supportive to them at all times.

Did you know 90% of patients with depression can receive successful treatment with therapy done together? This means there is hope for anyone suffering from depression.