What is Pentobarbital and how to use it
What is Pentobarbital and how to use it
October 9, 2019
Sleeping pills that can kill
Sleeping pills that can kill
October 9, 2019

Euthanasia for pets

Euthanasia for pets

One of the toughest but inevitable things about owning a pet is their death reality. Most times, euthanasia for pets is the way to go. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the whole process.

What is euthanasia for pets?

It is the act of putting a pet to death. In other words, it is letting your pet die by using severe medical measures. Some of the reasons why people euthanize their pets are old age, incurable diseases or conditions, lack of money to continue the pet’s treatment. the person euthanizing the pet ensures the process causes minimal distress and pain.

What should you expect?

  • Deciding on saying goodbye to your favorite pet can be tough and the anxiety can rise especially if you are unaware what to expect during the process. The veterinarian should explain the process before it begins. Never shy away from asking for clarification in areas you are not aware.
  • The vet usually places the small – medium- size pets on a table for euthanasia. However, larger dogs are easily handled on the grounds. Always ensure your pet has a comfortable cover such as a sheet to lie on regardless of where the procedure will be done.
  • Mostly the vet will hold the pet during euthanasia since they have the required skills that are crucial in making the process smooth and quick. If you are going to be around, it is advisable you give the vet enough space. You might be shown where to stand.
  • The vet will administer an anesthetic known as sodium pentobarbital that causes unconsciousness and gently stops your pet’s heartbeat. The vet will then draw the lethal dose of the euthanizing drug and inject it into a vein. This injection will not be painful. Since the vets are trained and experienced, they are able to locate the right vein which prevents vein ruptures that might cause the drug to leak.
  • After the injection your pet becomes totally unconscious and death will occur in a few minutes. Note that you might notice intermittent breathing and muscle twitching before your death dies. It might also release bowels or his/her bladder. Don’t worry about this, its normal.
  • Using a stethoscope, the vet will confirm if the pet is dead.
  • After death confirmation, the veterinarian will allow you to have some final minutes with the pet.Buy Online Button

Is there anything that can make the procedure easier for your pet?

There are vets who specialize in home-euthanasia for pets. Doing it at home is nice since there is no need of transporting the sick pet to the vet’s office which comes with pain and anxiety. Letting the pet enjoy its final moments in their usual home setting and environment they are used to can be a great gift you can give the pet.

The cost differs from one vet to another and from one clinic to another. There are those veterinarians who can charge you for cremation services and offer euthanasia for free. You should consult the vet for prices.

If you cannot do the euthanasia at home, the vet can always suggest a quiet place where you can do the procedure. Most clinics always have a special room for such procedures. It can be wise if your pet’s favorite blanket bed or toy.

Additionally, during the final days, it is advisable you give the pet special treats such as hot dogs. However, do not overdo it or the pet will get too comfortable. The important thing is to ensure the pet is calm and the stress levels are low.

Staying with the pet through the whole euthanasia process can help. Although it is tough, at least you will know the last face your lovely pet saw was yours and not that of a stranger. Since you were always there in their life be there in their death as well.

Things that can make it better for the pet owner

It is possible to be proud and be able to honor and celebrate your pet in some staged of euthanasia. For instance, you might have a good chance to create, prepare and then proceed with listing the best experiences with the pet. Or you can feed them their favorite snacks.

During the day of euthanasia you can invite someone or something around you which might spark a meaningful and peaceful memory.

Cremation and burial options

A vet will advise on the available options where you can lay your pet to rest.

Cremation is the most common option and you can opt to keep the ashes or not. A number of cremation services give you a choice of personalized memorials.

You can also opt for a burial. You can decide to bury the pet in the backyard. However, always confirm whether local authorities allow that. You can locate a pet cemetery among the many available options in your area.

Can you euthanize your pet using sleeping pills?

You will find many websites out there suggesting many ways of pet euthanasia. One method is using sleeping pills. However, is this method effective? Will the process be smooth and painless? Euthanizing a pet using sleep pills can be confusing. First, you need to know some basic facts about your pet. Check the symptoms of the pet and ascertain that it needs to be euthanized. During the process, ensure you are using the proper type of sleeping pills. Note that a mistake here makes the process very painful for the pet. Before administering the sleeping pills, sedate the dog.  After this, you should administer the drug effectively. Be sure of the best method to use.

It is advisable to use a veterinary if you do not have experience in using sleeping pills.

Final thoughts

Euthanasia for pets is tough for many people. The thought of never seeing your precious pet again is painful. However, if you love your pet, saving it from misery is the right thing to do.