Pentobarbital lethal injection
Pentobarbital lethal injection
May 3, 2017
10 painless ways to die
10 painless ways to die
May 10, 2017

Best Euthanasia drugs for humans

Best Euthanasia drugs for humans and animals

A Euthanasia means to end someone’s life as an act of mercy with an intention to relieve them unstoppable and persistent suffering. This may happen in the case of an accident, and the patient is undergoing through a lot of pain. Euthanasia can also be referred to as assisted suicide, mercy killing, doctor-assisted dying (suicide), and physician-assisted suicide (dying).


The definition of the term “assisted suicide” has been revised so many times to have a different interpretation. However, the one that is accepted by most individuals is the “deliberate hastening of a terminally ill patient’s death with the assistance of a family member, doctor or someone else.”

However, some people still believe that some more words like “in a bid to relieve them persistent suffering need to be added to the meaning but others insist that terminally ill patient already covers that.

Some people take this process as a way of ending someone’s life painlessly while others disagree with the definition since to perform it you have to include a reference to intractable suffering.

In most countries, it is against the law to perform euthanasia on someone. This is regardless of the situation of the patient. One example of such a country is the UK. It is illegal to assist someone to kill himself or herself, and you might have a hefty penalty or 24 years in prison if caught doing so. The laws, however, vary in the USA from one state to another.

Types of euthanasia for humans

  • Voluntary euthanasia

    It is Euthanasia conducted with the consent of the patient. This is legal in countries such Netherlands, the states of Oregon and Washington USA, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

  • Involuntary euthanasia

    This is conducted without the consent of the patient. This decision is made by another person since it’s not possible for the patient to it himself or herself. A close family member can do it.


Procedural types of euthanasia

  • Passive euthanasia

    It happens when life-supporting equipment is withdrawn. However, this definition is not precise. For example, if a health specialist induces strong painkillers such as opioid analgesia that have the potential of damaging the patient, even more, some will argue that the doctor is doing passive euthanasia while to some it is not. In almost all the cases the physician’s action is seen as passive. In such a case, many people claim that this term is wrong since the doctor had no intention to end the life of the patient.

  • Active euthanasia

    This is where harmful substances such as Nembutal are induced in the patient’s body. In other words, they are life-ending actions to terminate the life of a patient’s life. Either the patient or the doctor conducts them. This type of euthanasia is a much more controversial compared to passive euthanasia. Most people are torn between their religious beliefs, compassionate arguments about the issue, ethical beliefs and the moral stand on the issue. It has always been a very juicy and controversial topic for many years.

Is euthanasia painless for humans?

Well, this depends on the method that is used. Such methods like administration of Nembutal in the body of the patient might not be painful. However, if the life support machine is withdrawn without any medications, the patient might experience moments of pain before they die. However, it should be known that no death is 100% painless. A patient has to experience some pain even if it is for 5 minutes.

Euthanasia by Nembutal

Nembutal is the brand name of the pentobarbital used to slow down the activity of your nervous system and the brain.
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Typical uses of Nembutal

  • When you use Nembutal in extra dosage, it leads to a peaceful death of the user making it useful to people who want to commit suicide. In countries where it is legal, Nembutal is used as a potent reliever to carry out assisted suicides for terminally ill patients.
  • Nembutal is also a short-term medication for insomnia and emergency treatment for seizures.
  • Doctors also use Nembutal to cause you to fall to sleep during a surgical procedure

Barbiturates for euthanasia

Barbiturates are a synthetic group of drugs commonly referred to as sleep hypnotics. When you take a barbiturate pill, you experience anxiety decreasing and sleeping effects. Barbiturates also reduce the intensity of illicit drug withdrawal complications. An overdose of these medicines is used for euthanasia. Many countries have imposed a ban on use and sale of most barbiturates, which makes it hard for you to find these drugs readily in the market.

Forms of barbiturates

In most cases, you find barbiturates in the form of an oral pill or capsule. However, illicit drug users crush the pill into a powder, which they add liquid to form a solution, which they inject intravenously. Oral ingestion is more preferred to injections because results from taking a barbiturate pill occur relatively fast, and use of injections can lead to abscess or infection if the drug misses the vein or if the injection is done under the skin. In some cases, if you inject the barbiturate solution into the artery, the affected part may necessitate amputation to prevent imminent death.

Where to get barbiturates legally

Multinational pharmaceutical in industrialized nations legally made Barbiturates although its production had dramatically reduced due to the replacement of these drugs by other anti-anxiety and sedative drugs with less severe side effects. The United States produces 300 tons of barbiturates, but one has to have a prescription to make a purchase.

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