The best and worst suicide methods
The best and worst suicide methods
October 9, 2019
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October 9, 2019

Best alternatives to cyanide for suicide

Best alternatives to cyanide for suicide

If you are familiar with chemicals, then you know cyanide is a rare but very deadly chemical. It kills you by disabling the body from using life-sustaining oxygen. Some of the cyanide compounds that are toxic include potassium cyanide, hydrogen cyanide gas and sodium cyanide. Because of how poisonous cyanide is, it is not always very common among individuals who want to end their life. So what are the best alternatives to cyanide for suicide?  We have discussed several methods that you might be interested in.

Purchasing cyanide products is almost impossible. It needs a lot of care since being caught attracts severe penalties. To save you from the trouble of getting into trouble with authorities, below are some of the alternatives that you can opt for:

A shotgun in the head

Although this method can mess things, it is possible to achieve an effortless and instant death. Basically, when you shoot yourself, death occurs immediately thus painless. However, statistics suggest otherwise. According to studies, 5% of people who attempt this method do not die immediately. They instead die a slow and painful death, bleed out or die as a result of other difficulties. If the bullet fails to hit the brain or focal veins, you will probably survive. Surviving is never an option since you will have to live with complicated conditions or even go in a coma. To avoid this, ensure the bullet hits the target well.


This is one of the oldest methods of suicide. Though effective, it is easy for victims to survive. After hanging yourself, your neck breaks fast causing a quick death. However, the main problem is finding the correct balance and the rope needs to be high considering your weight and height among other things. Ideally, the rope dislocates your neck bone and disjoins the spinal cord. After this happens, death will occur in a few seconds. Note that any error can result to a failed suicide attempt which is very painful.


Jumping off a building

You have probably heard in the news or read in a magazine of someone who killed themselves by jumping off a building. Although this looks easy and straightforward, you have to learn the right technique that will cauBuy Online Buttonse a quick death. Always ensure that you are falling with your head first. In case you land on your feet, it might result to excruciating pain before you die.

Drug overdose

Basically, the idea behind this is when you overdose on drugs, you will pass out because your vital organs will be affected and die. However, the fact is, a drug overdose will probably cause a heart shock before the drugs produce the needed results which can be very painful. Some of the most common drugs are sleeping pills. People take them with alcohol to make them lethal. One of the main downside of this method is people tend to vomit the drugs out even at their unconscious state.


One gas that is common is carbon monoxide. If you paid attention during your science classes, then you know that carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas. Breathing in this gas will kill you. It will stop oxygen from getting to your brain so you will die eventually. However, you need to ensure that you are breathing in huge amounts of this gas or you risk a failed suicide attempt. You do not want to survive a suicide attempt. Carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas that will damage your vital organs permanently. For instance, you might suffer from brain damage.

Suffocating yourself

You do this by cutting off the air supply to your mind and heart. Dying with this method depends on several factors such as water temperature and your ability to swim. There have been so many stories of popular people who have died in a bathtub. What you do not know is most of them were trying to end their lives. When you are suffocating, you start breathing in water instead of air. The water will fill your lungs and prevent gas trade. Note that this process might be painful. To ease the pain, or to cause unconsciousness, some people mostly overdose on sleeping pills first.

Electric shock

It causes death by arrhythmia or heart stop. Basically, high currents are likely to cause a quick and easy death. It works when current makes your heart and brain to stop. However, in most instances, victims will take some time to die.

Jumping in front of a moving train or lorry

So many people have used this method to end their lives. You need to jump before a moving train and it will kill you. However, a simple mistake might make you disable forever. Do your math well and ensure you do not survive.

Death by Nembutal

Those who are familiar with euthanasia or assisted suicide know about Nembutal. It is a very effective barbiturate when it comes to committing suicide. Mostly taken as a pill, Nembutal works by slowing down the activities of the brain and central nervous system. A lethal dose of Nembutal will kill you in a quick and painless way.

In nations where assisted suicide is legal, it is possible for a doctor to administer a lethal dose of Nembutal to you. However, this drug is illegal and most people buy it illegally. Because of this, you have to ensure that you are purchasing from a reliable vendor. Additionally, know the correct dose of Nembutal that you are taking.

A final word

When committing suicide, it is not always a guarantee that the whole process will be successful. However, the above techniques have proved to be highly effective if executed well. They can be the best alternatives to cyanide for suicide. However one pick that stands out is death by Nembutal. Most studies have shown that this method is the most effective way of ending life.