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Best sleeping pills for suicide
May 18, 2017
Best alternatives to cyanide for suicide
Best alternatives to cyanide for suicide
October 9, 2019

The best and worst suicide methods

The best and worst suicide methods

What happens when it gets to a point you decide you are not interested to stay alive? You might think that deciding to kill yourself is the final decision of your life. However, that is the first of many. How are you going to die? Where will you do it? These are just a few of the things that will be running on your mind. In this article, we will discuss the best and worst suicide methods to help you understand more.

What is suicide?

It is the act of taking away your life. According to studies, suicide is one of the leading causes of death around the world. For instance in Canada, more than 3500 people die through suicide each year.

Warning signs and risk factors

Most suicides are a mystery and a tragedy. Suicide is mostly as a result of hopelessness. Lack of ability to find solutions to issues or to cope with life challenges might make people to think ending their life is the only solution.

Depression is one of the main reasons why people commit suicide. Others are chronic pain, substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, and family history.

Someone who is deemed suicidal shows sudden mood changes or sudden behavioral changes. He or she will talk about feeling trapped, no reason to live, being a burden to people, or in so much pain. Some might say they are contemplating suicide.

Statics show that suicide is frequent among people aged 45-54. Also, women are more likely to commit suicide compared to men.

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The following factors are considered:

  • Time – what period of time will the suicide method need to cause death?
  • Lethality – what is the possibility (0-100%) of the method killing you?
  • Agony – the amount of discomfort and pain one should expect if they use a certain method. They are ranked from 0-100 where 0=no discomfort/pain and 100 the most discomfort/pain.

In one study the methods were ranked by order of lethality. If you are reading this, you can choose the method that suits you. However, note that you are still likely to hurt yourself if you fail to execute the method well.

  1. Shotgun to head has a lethality of 99.0%. you are likely to die in 1.7 minutes.
  2. Cyanide has a lethality of 97% and you are likely to die in 1.8 minutes
  3. Explosives have 96.4% lethality and you will die in 1.6 minutes
  4. Being hit by a train has lethality of 96.2% and you are likely to die in 18 minutes
  5. Jumping off a building is 94.4% lethal and you are likely to die in 4.56 minutes
  6. Hanging is 89.5% lethal and you will probably die in 7 minutes
  7. Setting fire to self is 76.5% lethal and you might die in 57 minutes
  8. Electrocution is 65.5% lethal and you will die within 2.4 minutes
  9. Drowning on lake/ocean is 63% lethal and you might die in 18.5 minutes
  10. Overdosing on sleeping pills is 12% lethal and you will die within two hours
  11. Cutting wrists is 6% lethal and you might die after 100 minutes

There were other methods such as drowning in a bathtub, gassing, jumping in front of a moving bus, household toxins, gun to the chest, cutting your throat and stabbing on chest.  There is a significant difference when it comes to the methods that females choose and those that females choose. Men tend to choose the quickest and most lethal such as shotgun to the head while female choices vary in duration and lethality.

It is worth noting that different studies show different fatality results of different methods. Most data does not give detailed information on how to effectively use any method, the pros and cons, possibility of failure, and the dos and don’ts. However, most studies have agreed that hanging and firearms are the most common and effective methods.

Which way should you choose?

As you have seen, the above methods can be somehow unreliable and confusing. Although they can cause death, there are risks involved. So what will you do? Death by Nembutal has proved to be very effective when it comes to suicide. According to studies, when taken in the right doses, Nembutal is quick and 100% lethal. Nembutal is a barbiturate that works by slowing down the activities of the brain and the central nervous system.

You can take Nembutal as a pill, inject it, or insert Nembutal powder in your anus. Pill is the most common form and it can be bought online. However, it is important to watch your back when purchasing this drug. Do a proper research and ensure you are purchasing from a reliable vendor.

Final thoughts

Deciding the best and word methods can be confusing. One can choose to go with the old fashioned way; suicide with your own hand. However, this can be a bit tricky, as well as painful. For instance, jumping from the top of the building can be very scary. Actually, you might fail to die if the building is not tall enough. Other suicide methods such as slitting your wrists are equally gruesome and unreliable.  A bullet in your head has proved to be 80% successful; the thought of being in the remaining 20% is grim though. Hanging on the other hand can cause severe injuries to your body if you misjudge. This is not a site you would want your loved ones to witness. What about overdosing on prescription drugs? This has proved to very unreliable and most people get rescued when they fall unconscious. Others vomit the dose while they are unconscious. Additionally, it is always hard to know the amount that constitutes to a lethal dose. As you have seen, suicide is extremely a dodgy option. Assisted suicide might be the only safe way to do it. The only problem is it is not legal in most nations.