Top drugs for suicide
Top drugs for suicide
May 14, 2017
The best and worst suicide methods
The best and worst suicide methods
October 9, 2019

Best sleeping pills for suicide

Sleeping pills for suicide

From the records, most individuals try to commit suicide by using the sleeping pills. This makes it the most common way compared to others like jumping on a moving train. The sleeping pills work by slowing down the functions of your body parts, by making your muscles relax and chemically inducing sleep.

Theoretically, sleeping pills will shut down the entire body system including the respiratory system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system. When this happens, you will eventually die.


Sleeping pill overdose

Sleeping pills have the anesthetic and tranquilizing features, which help, kill the person without much pain or agony. These features make it one of the most common in a suicide case. One famous suicide case through sleeping pills is the death of Marilyn Monroe. However, this process is not a 100% guarantee that you will not survive the suicide attempt. Police and relatives have found unconscious individuals who were trying to kill herself but failed. So keep in in mind that the overdose does not always work. Backfired suicide attempts always lead to a journey to the hospital near you.

The reason that most sleeping pills can fail nowadays is that makers do not produce the highest ones anymore. Doctors no longer prescribe the sleeping pills that are potent enough to kill you. However, you can find the relatively high dosage pills in hospitals though they are used on patients who are undergoing painful surgeries.

The sleeping pills that are readily available on the market are no longer potentially lethal compared to the ones you would find on the market a few years ago. The current ones have a milder formula, which is not lethal because they are chemically designed to be safe for human consumption. The makers are working hard to ensure that the sleeping pills are only used for the purpose they were made for and not as suicide pills. However, if you overdose on the current sleeping pills, its qualities will still cause significant damage to your body despite the lower risks they contain

What are the specifics of sleeping pills overdose?

Specifics are a crucial thing to consider if your aim is to end your life through pills overdose. Depending on your health and age, your tolerance level to the pills may differ to another person who used them successfully. If you are healthy and energetic, you may be tolerant to the pills thus increasing your survival probabilities. There are also other factors like your blood chemistry with the drugs, and the possibility of someone interrupting your suicide attempt. Mostly, victims of sleeping pills overdose have used alcohol since it takes some time before the sleeping pills before you start experiencing the fatal effects of the pills.
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Since the modern day makers produce the drugs focusing on the nervous system, it is possible for the modern day pills to cause significant damage to your damage. When you take the prescribed dosage, the pills will only have minimal side effects thus posing a minimum risk of death. However, when taken in large quantities, they have the abilities to shut down the body through the receptors and neural organs.

Effects of surviving a sleeping pills overdose

The most common short-term effects are headaches and short-term failure of your body organs. However, the long-term effects are fatal and can paralyze your body, cause damages to your body organs and sometimes people become mentally unstable by losing their memory. Other survivors have ended up becoming delusional and paranoid after survival.

Many times when someone tries to end his or her life using sleeping pills, so many people assume that the individual has severe psychological issues. This has made sleeping pill overdose a major topic in the world of psychology. Despite the fact that these cases are connected to mental illnesses and physical stress, other issues can make the victims want to end their life.

How many pills can you overdose on painlessly?

It is incredibly hard even for experts to tell you how many pills can kill you. First, it is impossible to swallow them and die immediately because they take time before you start feeling their fatal effects. Your body will also try to reject the pills and would force you to vomit thus altering your suicide attempt.

Another thing that makes it hard to tell how many pills that can kill you painlessly is because people are different. A healthy and energetic person will need more pills compared to a weak, senior and vice versa. It is wise for individuals to understand their body before trying this method.

To ensure that the pills work, you can take a full bottle. That is if you are sure about ending your life. Another tip is to grind the pills to make fine particles and making a liquid with warm water. Instead of using your mouth, you can administer the pills to your body through the anus. This will enable it to get on the nerves and the system faster. This will increase the chances of your death if not making it 100%.

Some people have used this method together with drugs like ecstasy or alcohol to ensure that they are absorbed into your system quicker. The more you overload your body with toxic stuff the more your chances of dying. Do not do it like a rocky.  Does it like a pro!

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