10 painless ways to die
10 painless ways to die
May 10, 2017
Sleeping pills for suicide
Best sleeping pills for suicide
May 18, 2017

Top drugs for suicide

Top drugs for suicide

You can commit suicide using a variety of drugs in the modern day. In a study done in the UK back in 2001, it showed that there were more than a thousand cases of drug-related suicides. 28.5% of those were paracetamol, and its element related cases while 24.5% of the death was because of antidepressants. These two make up the top drugs for suicide.

In the United States, the story is similar. It was reported that most suicide deaths were caused by psychoactive drugs like antidepressants and sedatives followed by prescription pain drugs and opiates.

Both the offices of national statistics in UK and US publish data on all deaths that are caused by drug poisoning. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methadone also come on top together will sleeping pills in both nations.

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However, these statics only, which drugs those individuals, use to commit suicide but they do not show the methods, the percentage that the victims used, or the success rate of the drugs. If the success rate of the drug is maybe 80%, then it means that the most used drugs are also likely to have many cases of failed suicide attempts.


Nembutal availability

Most top drugs for suicide are mainly in the form of pills. Some time back, when barbiturates were being subscribed for sleeping disorders, it was possible to commit suicide by just overdosing. However, new sleeping tablets do not have that effect. They are not lethal enough thus overdosing on new pills might make the suicide attempt to backfire and result in you being rushed to the hospital or even ending to jail in some countries.

However, barbiturates do not appear on this list despite them being lethal. The reason is these drugs are no longer prescribed and are they are tough to get without a prescription.

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The most common barbiturates that are effective include Nembutal and Seconal. They cause a fast and painless when the right amounts are administered in your body.
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Seconal also was known as the suicide Holy Grail is a powerful and effective sedative that has been used to treat severe insomnia to people already introduced to barbiturates. However, this drug cannot be prescribed in the UK anymore, although you can find it in some countries

Nembutal is currently the leading drug for human euthanasia in the states where it is legal. Unsurprisingly, so many people out there are willing to end their life, but despite the fact that this drug is highly effective, it has been limited and highly controlled thus making people result to using other drugs.

Some of the FDA-approved uses of Nembutal are sedation, seizures and preoperative. Vets for animal euthanasia and as an anesthetic also use it.

You can obtain Nembutal in liquid form. However, as said earlier, it ‘s hard to obtain it from any place in the US, Australia, Europe or Canada.

How to acquire Nembutal

Those who have come across a book named the Peaceful Pill Handbook1 have probably read about Stewart and Nitschke explaining how to obtain the drug. The guide is mostly centered on getting the drug from the vets in Peru, Mexico, Thailand, and Bolivia. However, you should note that transporting it from these countries back to your countries of origin is illegal and might result in a long jail term.  You can always buy it via mail order at a lower price.

Note that there are people lucky enough to obtain the drugs, but it is always the case. It is important to take care so that you are not a victim of being caught by the authorities. Since 2011, it has been tough to obtain these drugs across the border from Mexico. In the book, they mention that Peru is one of the safest countries to obtain Nembutal since 2012. They also provide a source where you can purchase Nembutal from Mexico through the internet at fair prices. However, there are 15% chances that the authorities will intercept your delivery before it gets to you.


Mail order Nembutal

If you are in a place where you cannot obtain Nembutal quickly, you would probably like to send safely order Nembutal or related product from China at just $1000. Although it is illegal to mail order Nembutal in most countries, it does not mean it is impossible. This Nembutal is pure, and they sell in quantities that can be used by two people. It is also easy to use it. All you need to do is dissolve it.

You can always check out the latest Peaceful Pill eBook for all the current information about Nembutal before attempting to purchase from their sources. They also have a forum where users discuss investments and the changes in the market. Again, remember importing Nembutal from other countries is illegal despite the fact the book only gives the name of one person who was prosecuted.

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Dr. Nitschke, also founded exit international to offer testing kits to test the barbiturates are high enough to cause death when you choose or not. This is a positive thing given most people obtain Nembutal from an unknown source on the internet so they are likely to buy low-quality drugs that may not be sufficient.  Although Nembutal can be stored for even 15 years and be good, the kits are to assure people that the suicide pills are not expired and are still effective.

Keep in mind the most information you read about Nembutal on any site is frequently updated and does not provide necessary information such as packaging so it would be wise always to check when the information was posted before making a purchase or using the drug. You can also check the latest eBooks about Nembutal to learn more.

Most information contained in the Peaceful Pill Handbook about Nembutal is regularly updated and does include details about packaging and such information. If your plan is to purchase or use Nembutal and related drugs, you will gain much information when you purchase the newest version of the eBook. It is the most comprehensive source of up to date information about buying and using Nembutal.

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